Achieving Success Together

We strive to be the partner of choice in the vibrant and growing animal health industry. We join forces with partners throughout the animal health, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agribusiness industries, and collaborate with current and emerging leaders in academia and at public and private institutions – all with a shared interest in developing innovative solutions to better predict, prevent, detect and treat disease, and help improve the health and wellbeing of animals and the people who care for them. We partner at all stages of the process, from early R&D to commercial products. Our singular focus on animal health allows partners to potentially leverage shared innovation across animal and human health. 

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We seek innovation that can change the landscape of entire research programs or platforms arising from collaborations across all healthcare or life science sectors. We see partnerships as potential to foster creativity, facilitate risk sharing, and advance innovative science. 

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Areas of Partnering Interest

Osteoarthritis and Chronic Pain

  • Disease-modification of osteoarthritis
  • Novel mechanisms of action (oral and/or long acting)

Renal Disease and Associated Sequalae

Allergy and Dermatitis

  • Novel mechanisms of action


  • Infectious disease, oncology and chronic inflammatory diseases

Antibiotics and their alternatives

  • Novel small molecule antibiotics with veterinary pathogen specific activity (no ESKAPE pathogen activity)
  • Alternatives to antibiotics including:
    • Host defense peptides, antimicrobial peptides
    • Engineered bacteriophages including phage lysin constructs
    • Anti-Virulence agents


  • Heartworm prevention
  • Ectoparasiticides – novel chemical classes/mechanisms of action
  • Integrated solutions for parasite management

Livestock Health

  • Mammary health
  • Reproductive efficiency
  • Transition cow metabolic health
  • Gut health and feed efficiency
  • Mitigating enteric greenhouse gas in ruminants

Based on our belief it is better to prevent disease before it requires treatment, our focus includes novel antigens, vectors, adjuvants, and technologies for convenient vaccine delivery. 

Vaccine Technology

  • Novel antigens, rational vaccine design
  • RNA and CRISPR based disease control
  • Therapeutic vaccines for disease
  • Vaccines/immunomodulators for neonatal health
  • Biomarkers of disease susceptibility
  • Parasite vaccines

Formulation and Delivery Technologies

  • Oral/Mucosal adjuvants and delivery
  • Mass and convenient delivery devices for livestock and companion animals
  • Vectors for livestock and companion animal vaccines

Alternative potency assay technologies

We seek to advance the next generation of point of care analysis, at-home diagnostics, multiplexing and microfluidics, integration, and simultaneous multiple sample processing technologies. We are also interested in metagenomic identification or progression of clinically relevant diseases.


  • Non-invasive or minimally invasive sampling methodologies
  • Simultaneous multiple sample processing
  • Multiplexing and microfluidics integration
  • Novel point-of-care systems
  • Novel biomarkers for diagnosing and monitoring progression of chronic diseases
  • Agnostic pathogen detection  

Metagenomic identification or progression of clinically relevant diseases

We are always interested in various technologies that can advance care for animals. We are specifically focused on commercializable expression systems, novel biomarkers and phenotypic screens relevant to therapeutic and vaccine areas.

Commercializable antibody, protein and peptide expression systems

Formulation Innovations:

  • Thermostable vaccine and antibody formulations
  • Taste masking and palatability innovations
  • Innovative long acting drug delivery systems for small & large molecules.
  • 3-12 month long acting injectables
  • Transdermal delivery innovations
  • 3D printing technologies for Controlled/customized drug delivery
  • Continuous manufacturing technologies for oral dosage forms
  • Recyclable/Innovative packaging systems

Novel biomarkers and phenotypic screens relevant to therapeutic and vaccine areas

Transgenic models for target ID/validation

Ex-vivo tissue/co-culture models of disease

As we advance our digital capabilities and support our customers’ ever-increasing digital lives, we are interested in data and technology platforms to support data management and digital innovation in healthcare and farming.  

  • Digital integrated solutions for livestock and pets
  • Digital innovation for improving and monitoring health
  • Digital innovation for treatment administration
  • Data and/or integrated data solutions across clinical, multiomics, phenotypes, tissues and diseases, including multimodal sensor data
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies developed for animal health or transferable to animal health
  • AR and VR applications for research and development, improving and monitoring animal health

We appreciate your interest in partnering with Zoetis, and look forward to potentially working with you as we further our purpose to nurture the world and humankind by advancing care for animals.